WSAS Mission Statement

WSAS is an issues-oriented radio station that celebrates freedom of expression and is committed to promoting the ideals of personal liberty as guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States.

We provide live broadcasts and other forums with a primary political emphasis that promotes the open exchange of ideas and opinions regarding all aspects of American life.

Our news and public affairs programming emphasizes controversial, neglected, and non-mainstream points of view on important local and national issues, illuminating our values particularly regarding individual freedom, constitutional rights, and equal justice under the law.

WSAS is committed to the values expressed by our mission, especially as they relate to issues involving an open and ethical government, non-censorship of alternative political speech, and adherence to the constitutional framework of the American Society.

If you have any comments, suggestions or inquiries please send us a message via our easy-to-useĀ Contact Form.

Thank you for listening!